Ohuhu Markers

I’ve coveted alcohol markers for a long time. I don’t think I’m really good enough at drawing to justify buying expensive art supplies. However, the phrase “buy cheap, buy twice” seems to ring true far too often for me.

I had a set of 20 quid ones which have essentially been an epic fail. They had felt tips and weren’t brush tips. The also seemed to have a loose connection between the nib section and the ink chamber. This meant repeatedly taking the lid off and the nib part would get stuck in the lid and the refill would fly out and land on the page and ruin the drawing with a big splodge of ink.

Ultimately I wanted a set of Copic markers. However, a full set of these (358 pens) costs around 2,500 pounds. (Yes you read that right). So after reading a lot of reviews I went for these Ohuhu ones. At 60 quid they are still steep but I’m completely delighted!

Swatch cards

They came with a guide to blending and also swatch cards to colour in (I previously made my own which was a bit of a pain). The brush nibs are super thin which I’m sure won’t last and there is a felt tip end also. The ink flow is fantastic and the blend really well.

Brush Nib

While I’m not sure how long they will last, they are still a joy to use. The blending they can do is unlike any marker I’ve used before and I’m looking forward to using them more and more. My first project is to illustrate a poem I’ve written about my daughter. I’m not sure I’vegot the technique down quite yet but here’s a sample of where I’m going with this…

Blending Practice.

So, I think these have been totally worth the money and I’m looking forward to doing more and more with them. I’ll post once I’ve got some better examples.