I was going a bit of tidying as there’s not really much else to do these days. I found a whole bunch of jars that I had been “saving”. I’m not really sure what I was saving them for. At one point during lockdown, I made some mackerel pate which I used a couple of them for but my fishing as generally unsuccessful so no more jars got used.

With a few hours to kill and a rather demanding 3 year old to entertain, I decided to see if we could use them to plant a few seeds. Someone at work had given me a “seed sack” which had about 20 packets of various varieties in it. With surprising continuity my daughter decided we should only plant chilli plants and tomatoes.

So that’s what we did.

The Seed Sack
Getting the jars ready

Despite how miserable she look, I think the wee one did enjoy filling up the jars and getting filthy. She was less happy doing the labels but nonetheless we still managed to get the job done.


Finally we finished and set them up on the window sill. Wouldn’t you know it but there were some sampling’s growing within a few days. Who would have thunk it?

The “Jungle” (hopefully)

Just as a “where are they now?” comment, I thought I’d post one of the sapling pictures as proof. Hopefully we’ll get a good crop although I’m not sure there’s going to be enough space for everything. Best get thinking about how to move them out side eventually.

Tomato saplings.