I practically don’t even know that one of these is. However, we don’t have a green house and so I needed something small that I would be able to move my tomato / chilli plants to eventually. This was the suggestion. It just so happened that I had dismantled an old palate a few weeks earlier and was essentially keeping the wood to use in the fire pit.

I looked up a few pictures and thought “I could build that”. In fairness my ambitions were small and I wasn’t planning something from the Botanic Gardens. So with a saw and a drill and a completely disinterested 8 year old, I set to work.

Elbow Grease

Actually, it wasn’t too hard to do. I had just the right amount of wood and managed to find an old sheet of Perspex from my photography days which was gathering cobwebs. I also had a random hinge in the tool box which was lucky.


So without a joiners bone in my body, I somehow managed to assemble something that actually looked like a cold frame.

The Cold Frame

However, I wasn’t happy with the lid. It just wasn’t “disco” enough and actually a bit of a pain to open. Besides I worried that it was quite light and might get blown open. Luckily, I had just the thing to fix all of those issues…

The Disco Handle!

So all in all I’m quite pleased. Hopefully some of the saplings will have a happy transition into here. That said, I’m sure I’ll still kill a few of them.

Pride of place.