So as you know, I work in the NHS. It was unbelievably fortunate that I happened to be on annual leave this week when the shit truly hit the fan. I got a brief taste of it on Friday before emergency changes were made at the Practice. My appointments page went off the bottom of the screen and was possibly the busiest day I’ve had in the last few years.

However, despite being off, it’s been an incredibly stressful week. A constant barrage of media messages about Covid-19. Unforgiving texts and posts from WhatsApp, schools, nursery, Facebook and work have led to an unhealthy amount of circulating cortisol which is called the “stress hormone” for a reason.

So I decided to switch off my phone and go fishing. Now, that sounds quite common place. However, I’ve not fished for about 35 years. I recently got a cheap telescopic rod and some spinners in an attempt to teach my son how to fish (so he can survive in the word of Covid-19 induced shelfless supermarkets).

First I headed to Dunbar and spoke to some friendly fishermen (who were looking a little bored as the industry has effectively ground to a halt). Essentially the conversation went along the lines of “you’ll nae catch anythin’ wi that”.

So I left and went to North Berwick instead and after a little looking around a bit, I found a great place under the golf course right on a point (I think they call it a mark). It was high tide an I got casting. This is all I caught. I think I must have put in about 100 casts over 2 hours. However, despite not catching anything other than a bit of sea weed, I felt invigorated and refreshed. It really was cathartic to be out on that rock looking out to sea with a clear blue sky above (no airplanes). I’ll definitely be back, hopefully with my son and hopefully without putting my phone back on and seeing 82 messages!