I really wasn’t expecting gifts this Xmas. I much prefer to give things and see if I “got it right” when people open them. That said, the odd gift here and there doesn’t go a miss. Given the amount of drawing I’ve been doing lately, you can imagine how happy I was when I opened this little beauty.

Essentially, you can order a sketch book from Brooklyn Art Gallery in the USA and they send you out one which you complete in any way you see fit. You then send it back to them and it gets stored in the library for anyone to look at. Also it is digitalised to that it can be searched for and looked at on line. Apparently they have 45,000 sketchbooks in their collection so far. I have decided to go with a steam punk anatomy theme which so far seems to be going quite well. There’s 16 pages and I’ve got till August to get it completed and sent back to them. I’ve done 3 so far and I’ve been dabbling with some colouring too. Pretty pleased to date but still got 13 to go so hopefully I won’t run out of ideas.