This year our family decided that the time has finally come that we no longer spend tons of cash on pointless gifts for the adults. It seems daft and a waste especially since there are a bunch of kids to focus on. Instead one of my sisters suggested that we do a secret Santa with a slight twist.

Here was my instructions. We are having a family meal on the 21st Dec and that’s when we will exchange the gifts.

So, what was I going to make / buy? It didn’t take long to come up with an idea. Finding the time was a bit tricker but luckily I had a random day of annual leave so managed to take a few hours to get my bauble sorted.

So this is how it started – a bit of kiln dried birch wood which came in a bag of firewood that I bought recently. I cut it to size and then trimmed the bark off.

Here it is once the bark was removed.

Then I cut the “pizza slices” with a bow saw and sanded them out. I also sanded the rest of the piece.

Once it was looking smooth enough I drilled the hole for the string and soaked the centre in citronella oil (mainly for the nice smell but to also help it catch fire should the recipient try to burn this mini Swedish candle). The outside was polished with teak oil.

Finally some old Xmas ribbons were glued around the bottom as a finishing touch. Not a bad wee bauble I think and functional too (possibly). We’ll have to wait and see but I’m happy with the result despite the time it took to make (about 3 hours).