I was given one of these last Xmas and I had never seen or heard of these before. In fact, I had to look on line for what to do with it. That said, the one I got was so perfect and grand that I can’t bring myself to set fire to it.

So, I decided to make my own and see if they worked as well as I hoped. I tried a few options with normal saws, then bow saws, then chisels. None of these worked that well and were extremely labour intensive.

As I was planning to churn these out as presents for people, I finally had to resort to buying a chainsaw. I opted for a cheapish electric one. However, it worked amazingly well and I made two in the space of about 8 minutes.

Soon it was dark and I thought I’d do a test run. Highly successful I’d say. It took two matches to get it lit (with a small amount of fire lighter down the middle) but it worked really well. Plenty of light and a lot of heat with a short time to really get going.

The best thing about these is you can use them to cook with. So if you are out camping and you fancy a non-camp-stove option to heat a pan with then this is it. Perhaps that’s the next thing I’ll try.