In the Spring I was buying a couple of tomato plants and saw a chilli plant. With a name like “Purple Gusto” I had to have it.

Originally these were out side but within a few days it was clear that Scotland doesn’t have the climate to grow these without a green house. So I moved the plant in doors and within a week it was flourishing on the kitchen window sill.

Sure enough, the chillies were purple. I picked one not realising that they ripened to a rich scarlet. It actually tasted of not much at all. However, a couple of weeks after that they started to go red and, wow, what a difference. Delicious.

Since then it has continued to produce these faster than I can eat them. So I looked up a few ways to dry and store these. There are several. However, I went for this method which is called a “ristra”.

Basically, it’s just a a case of threading them with a needle and thread and leaving them hanging in a dry warm room. I’ve left the needle on the thread and as more grow, I’ll add them to the bunch. I’m looking forward to grinding them up and add in them to some more dishes that require a bit of kick. Hopefully the plant will keep producing them for some time.