So green tomatoes are a pain in the rear. It just reminds me that we don’t have much sun in Scotland. So this summer has the double whammy of a great crop of tomatoes but almost no sun so they were all green.

I decided that I would look into making chutney for once. A new one for me, but I took a few recipes from t’internet and amalgamated them into the one I used. It ended up as the following:

A medium mixing bowl of green failures.

2 red chillies

400g of shallots

Knob of ginger

200g of raisins

1 tsp of salt

200g of brown sugar

Mustard seeds

300ml vinegar

I think that’s it. I put the green tomatoes, onions and shallots in a big pot. Added half the vinegar. Simmered it it for a bit. Added the rest and boiled some more. Sterilised the jam jars (150C in the oven for 20 mins – lids sterilised with starsan). Then poured the mixtures into the jars then lids screwed on and placed upside down to help them seal.

Turn right side up and up and gift / eat away. (Hopefully they don’t taste completely terrible).