I’d not heard of this book but when someone told me about this I thought that it sounded like it deserved a read. I’ll not spoil it for you but in a nutshell it goes a little something like this…

Man in near fatal car crash.

Man gets back on feet (literally and figuratively).

Man suffers depression secondary to Financial Crash of 2007.

Man gets back on feet (figuratively)

Writes book about getting up early and sorting out his life.

That is about it.

Anyway, I took a lot of his tips on board and have been trying these for the last couple of weeks (mixed in with a bit of The 4 Pillar Plan). So my mornings currently look like this…

Wake up at 5am. Brush teeth. Shove on any old clothes. Go downstairs. Make packed lunch for work. Get journal. Read out affirmations which I’ve written on the first page. Make “gratification” entries in the journal (essentially and nice things that happened the day before). Do 10 mins of meditation using the Oak app on my phone. Sit outside (even if it’s raining – although I’ll sit in the garage in that case). Have a tasty cofffee. Watch the birds on the feeders. Enjoy the dawn chorus. Head back inside at 6am to start the day as I would do normally.

It really has been quite a life changer. I feel rejuvenated and have a spring in my step when I’m at work. I’m going to bed earlier and sleeping better. I feel I’m less stressed at work and also that I’m passing on a lot of these good behaviours to the people I meet on a daily basis.

It’s a short read but a lot of what he talks about makes a lot of sense.

Highly recommend that everyone reads this.