So, I work near a local Day Centre for the elderly. Over the last few year my work as raised a fair amount of money for them. I raised £2000 doing a half iron man and more recently we raised £1200 doing the Edinburgh Marathon Relay. It was a great team building event and we all “enjoyed” it.

I wondered if I could also put some of my hobbies to good use and see if I could raise more money for this fantastic service. So I decided to start whittling like a mad man. The plan was that I would make loads of wands and then allow people at my work to “buy” them for a charitable donation.

To date, I’ve got about 40 almost ready but I’m looking to get to nearer 100 in the coming weeks. If that happens and people buy them (for their kids because adults buying wands is a bit weird) for about £3 – £5 each then hopefully I should be able to raise about £400 which would be amazing.

On the assumption that this works then I think I might be in the full-time wand making for charity business.

It’s good to give.