Ok. So this sounds ludicrous. I guess if you work for some three letter agency then this goes with the territory. I work for the NHS. Does that count?

With the impending Brexit nonsense happening in the UK it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Essentially the UK government has been stealth-privatising the NHS for several years. Now the word “stealth” has been removed from that statement. With the impending departure from the excellent EU we will be left on our own. Great Britain will be no more. We’ll just be Britain (or Hate Britain by the EU).

All of our insulin come from Belgium. We have have multitudes of meds from Spain and Greece. Let’s not mention the fact that wine has already sold out in Calais. What’s going to happen if we leave???

Well, in Scotland we have endless water, 80% of the UKs coast line, all the oil fields and enough whisky to pay off the national debt several times over. That means when the SHTF 60 millions people south of the border will be coming north. That might be Brexit-starvation-medication-desperation in origin. But… it also might be a zombie apocalypse.

My wife has been stock piling tinned foods. I complained that I wasn’t really involved so I suggested the Go-Bag. Guess what??? She gave me carte blanch to do what I like (mainly just to keep me quiet).

I went to town. Here’s the result…

So what’s in the kit? Here goes –

First aid kit (extensive and also includes water purification tablets), bungie cord, gaffer tape, kindling, paper, flint and tinder, candles, tow cable, multi tool (including mini axe), shovel, knife, wind up torch, 550 paracord, tarpaulin, wet bag, shackles, bivvie bags, mini-survival kit, ropes, backpack and mini fishing kit (still to arrive).

So that’s it. When things go completely south, we’ll be going north!