Here’s the update on the “Watch this space” blog entry. The sketch I was doing of the castle with all the pipes coming out of it was for a beer can design at a local brewery. It was released at the end of November and now is on the shelves at a variety of outlets.

So who’s the brewer? Well it’s Paul Fallen from Fallen Brewing and he was kind enough to ask me to put one of my doodles on a special edition brew of his. I can’t tell you how chuffed I’ve been about this. I think I’ve sent about twenty dribbling texts to Paul thanking him for asking me to be involved with this project. More importantly, there are a couple of other brews coming out in the new year which I’m ultra excited about.

However, the icing on the case was the case!!! That’s right, a case of beers arrived at the house a few days after the release date. Raking around the box, I also found a Fallen Brewing beer glass which I immediately filled with the new beer. Wow. It was amazing. It’s 9% and a limited edition. It’s deep and rich and luxurious. You’d better get some before it’s all gone. Here’s what I had to do with some of mine to prevent them disappearing over the festive period…So, if you see any of Paul’s beers on the shelf of your local M&S or Aldi (I’m sure it’s in other shops) then pick some up and try them. I’m a fan (can you tell?)