Supposedly I’m a member of the local cycling club. I say supposedly as I’ve not really been along to a club ride for many months. I blame my kids for this but in actuality it’s because I’ve put on 2st since my baby girl was born and in Lycra I look like a fat caterpillar.

Each year the club hosts a cyclocross race. However, this year the venue has moved and so there is a lot of prep work to be done. So when the request for help was announced on the club’s facebook page, I felt obliged to lend a hand.

Much of the work had already been done at a previous session. Nonetheless, I managed to spend 4 hours with the team digging out tree stumps, hacking undergrowth, raking leaves and shifting mud. Eventually the 2.5km circuit was ready for the January race day. We even got to watch a Santa Dash for our troubles.

It felt good to be out in the woods breaking a sweat for something worthwhile. Let’s hope the race is as big a success as it’s been in previous years.