So, there is well and truly a hoo-haa at work. Essentially I’ve made / drawn a few bits and pieces for some of the staff. This has then been followed with a torrent of “I didn’t get,” and “she got more than me,” etc etc.

Ok, I get that this is all tongue in cheek, but I’m just one man and I’ve got a full time job and two kids to deal with. Top that off with a wife who works away from home half the week and what do they expect? Should all my time be spent making trinkets? When do I get any time for myself?

Joking aside, my latest creation was a little branch-box. I added some swirls of red resin but most of this leaked out the cracks in the base and the lid. Despite this, it gave a reasonably nice effect. I presented this to the most recent complainant and it was met with some delight. A short time later I was being asked for a rocking chair and a chest of drawers. There is just no pleasing people sometimes.