Unbelievably we’ve had more veg than expected from the little raised boxes in the garden. The boy and I pulled up a few more of them with an idea to make some soup. So we roasted them in the oven with some fennel seeds, pepper, olive oil, a splash of balsamic vinegar and a healthy glob of maple syrup. I also quartered a lemon and added a couple of bay leaves. Seemed to have worked quite well and the veg was sweet and delicious.

In a large pan I heated some stock with a little cayenne for some heat. Then added the roasted veg and simmered for about 45 mins. Once the veg was completely soft I blended it all up.

It was an amazing colour but would it taste good? Actually it did and even baby ate a whole bowl of it. So looking back over what we’ve grown, I think parsnips and carrots have been the most successful so I think they’ll be next year’s crops.