Kids parties! Argh!!!

Anyway, my son was at one at the weekend and they had the theme of “wings”. It seems the party boy is into dragons and was wanting people to come suitably attired to show their appreciation of flight. So we set about making a spectacular show-stopper. The best bit about this project is that it used up a good few hours and kept him entertained with decorating all the feathers.

Essentially you need some card (thank you Amazon and your over-sized packaging), spray paint (we used bronze which was just lying about the garage), paper, PVA glue and some string (to make the shoulder straps out of). Lastly, any old children’s paint or felt tips.

This was the result…

Despite only wearing them for about 4 minutes I think they were a hit. At least some of the adults thought so. Personally, I think I should have just stuck a feather to each arm and called it a day.