After a lazy start, we tidied up the house, packed the car and said goodbye to Wolfville.

We had a long drive in a place called East Ferry which was on a thin finger of land on the western coast of Nova Scotia. We had booked onto a whale watching trip with Petite Passage Whale Watch and we were extremely excited about this.

We boarded the small boat with about 40 other whale watchers. It was very misty and the captain told us that it was like this most days. They certainly didn’t have that on their website.

After about an hour of searching through the foggy harr we finally found a mother humpback and her calf. We only had a few minutes with them before they dived and that was the last we saw of any whales. All in all a bit of a bust but at least the kids got to see a couple of whales in the wild. We also stopped at a seal colony on the way back to shore but the kids had fallen asleep by this point so they missed them.

After we got back to land we jumped in the car and drove to Annapolis Royal for our final night’s stay in Canada. We were booked into the Garrison House Inn and had arranged one of their “family rooms”. However, after finally getting one of the staff to check us in we were told that they didn’t have a crib. Also “Tabitha” told us that the family room was a queen-sized bed and a double-bed. I’m not entirely sure how this qualified it as a family room.

There were a few moments of distress as we were desperate for a good night’s sleep. However, we decided to make the best of it. Tabitha offered to phone one of her friends and try and get a travel cot but by this point we’d made a “sleep den” for the boy on the floor and he seemed happy as Larry.

My wife took the one of the double beds and we wedged a towel against the wall to prevent baby from disappearing down the side of the bed. I took the other bed and strangely we did have a moderately good nights sleep. The a/c kept the room cool but was quite noisy and I think that was the main reason for our disturbance through the night. Ironically, the boy had the best sleep of us all.

We had a tasty breakfast and got on the road again and drove the boring highway again to Halifax. Once we arrived we wandered along the harbour. We went to the Blue Nose Cafe for lunch and I had another amazing bowl of chowder. From there we went to a store called MEC which my wife told me had “the best travel yoga mat ever!”

However, I think this was a ruse just to go to the shop as they didn’t have any in stock so she bought a body warmer instead.

After a final visit to Cows and seat at the harbour we went up to the Natural History Museum. It was open until 8pm which gave us something to do until our late night flight. They’d done a good job given the small size of the museum (and also considering Canada is officially only 150 years old). My son had a great time and spent most of it trying to operate a remote underwater robot.

Finally, we left the museum and went to the airport. The cramped overnight Westjet flight home wasn’t the best but at least it was on time. By 10am we were on the road again in our freshly valeted car which smelt of bubblegum. Unfortunately, someone let one go on the way home and my son started crying and said, “it doesn’t smell like bubblegum any more!”

We all had a good laugh about this and before we knew it we were home.

All in all, we had a great and memorable trip and it seems everyone has taken home some fond experiences from Nova Scotia. Will we go back? Probably. However, I think we’d wait until baby was old enough to handle the trip more robustly. We certainly got the feeling that NS is one of those places that you really need to do twice as the guidebook is full of gaps that can only be filled with local knowledge.

So here ends my summer holiday. Already thinking about next year’s options!

Thanks for reading. Z.