We almost had a good night sleep last night but Wolfville was so hot and humid the place was like a sauna. That said, it was still the most comfortable night we’ve had since arriving in Canada.

We decided to start the day in a bad way which involved eating Toasted Cinnamon Crunch for breakfast. Everyone had more than one helping. We then went for a coffee in town at “Just Us Coffee” which was a proper student coffee house and the macchiato I had hit the spot. (He’s having an apple juice, not a coffee – that would be like the time the Human Torch tried to go supernova).

The wee man needed to burn off some energy so we walked along the disused railway tracks to the Waterfront Harbour and then onto a playpark of sorts. This resulted in his crocs being covered in dog poo and me trying to clean them in a public fountain.

After we sheepishly left the park we headed to Grand Pre Winery where my wife did a tasting while me and the boy wandered the vines looking at the ripening grapes. I fantasied about living and owning a vineyard one day while he trashed some vines while I was in the clouds.

Then we had lunch at their restaurant. We sat outside on the pergola and I had probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had. It was called the “Ruben” and was roast brisket and Dijon mustard on toast. It tasted amazing and I would have had another one but it was $14 (although well worth it).

After we’d outstayed our welcome (and my son had eaten more chicken goujons than he’s had in the rest of his entire life), we headed back into town and went to The Real Scoop which was, as it sounds, an ice cream parlour. They make their own ice-cream and sorbet and they have about a million toppings. I opted, again, for a milkshake and the simple vanilla was divine.

We headed home after that as we were completely beaten by the head. We gathered up the fans in the house and blasted ourselves with “cold” air and drank iced water. By the time we had cooled down (and played a few card games) it was dinner time. So myself and my son went on a little adventure to find a place called The Big Wedge.

It was a proper roadside pizza joint but it had a very extensive menu. We got a medium cheese and tomato and a medium pepperoni. By medium I mean massive and we couldn’t finish them completely. We even gave baby a slice of the margarita one which she simply rubbed all over her face.

Soon it was the eternal kiddie bath time routine. It didn’t take long to get them down (although I can hear baby crying upstairs just now – 21:45) and we sat down to plan the next couple of days. Tomorrow we say goodbye to Wolfville and head onto Annapolis Royal via a whale watching boat trip which hopefully will yield some good results.

See you tomorrow evening…