I’m exhausted.

Babies cried all night. Toddlers screamed. Kids had nightmares. Adults crept about the house using smartphones as torches to pack suitcases. It was pretty awful. I was forced to sleep in a single bed with my son and ended up with my leg jammed between the mattress and the wall.

The in laws had to leave at 7:30am to catch their flight and after a cursory tidy up that completely filled the most grotesque wheelie bin ever (thousands of maggots crawling all over it and it stank of rotting seafood) we were on the road a short time later. We headed to the Starlite Diner in Summerside and it was great. We played hits on the jukebox and ate pancakes and bacon with maple syrup. Fantastic.

I don’t think we were sad to leave that house and while we had some great times with the family, it really was a bit of a mess. Im sure my niece drew all over the furniture and some of the kitchen cupboard doors with a felt tip pen and I think that was probably a decorational improvement.

My wife took the first stint in the car and got us to Wood Island which is where we caught the ferry over to Caribou on the mainland. It was $78 and made the journey a lot more interesting for the kids. Going via the bridge would have been a bit tedious and the toll was $49 anyway.

I had poutine on the ferry and it was great but I think it will have to be the end of my bad eating habits as this holiday has made me sick of the thought of food. As I write this, I’m missing out dinner and having lots of water instead!

I drove the second part of the trip and we just followed the completely dull highway to Truro again and then Halifax and turned back on ourselves to go to Wolfville. Apparently this is a “college town” and it’s immediately obvious from the cool bars, boutiques, houses and restaurants. Also it’s in the wine region and I think plans tomorrow will revolve around trying to get a short tour of one of them.

Without a shadow of doubt the best thing about Wolfville is the house we have rented. My wife was almost in tears with how spotless everything was. We had a lovely message from the owner and we felt immediately at home. The bedrooms and bathroom were immaculate and the beds were super comfortable. The decor and little touches were excellent and it’s clear they have a sporting flair as there were lots of cycling and exercise paraphernalia and literature lying about. We’d definitely stay here again.

We got the kids off to bed and both had showers to watch the unclean film off us from the last place. We talked about the vineyards and watched a couple of episodes of Friends and then got an early night. Let’s hope the beds live up to the brief test I gave them (and the kids sleep through the night).

Night night.