We had a slow start today despite our best efforts to go out for breakfast. This resulted in a make-do at Tim Horton’s instead of the planned Starlite Diner (which we were told was excellent and we will be trying to get to tomorrow morning).

The main stumbling block was due to our efforts to find a “beach tent” as my make shift efforts had been getting worse simply due to laziness. We finally ended up in Walmart of all places and while I disagree with some of their policies, I was astounded with how much stuff they had on the shop floor. It was bonkers!!!

Of course, we found the tent and I was really excited to try it out. However, the sun didn’t really show and it remained in it’s case. The plan is to sneak it into the car seat bag and take it home with us for all the non-existent sunny days in Scotland (although there has been lots of them this summer).

We ended up going to Linkletter Beach (or Linklatter as it should be spelt. I know as one of my best mates married an original Orcadian Linklatter called Sarah – and she’s related to the guy that started Cows Ice-cream. So there!)

When we arrived I thought it was going to be a complete bust. It looked rubbish and I was keen to leave and go back to one of the ones we’d been to previously. However, baby was asleep in the car so I stayed with her mucking about with my camera while the rest of the gang went “treasure hunting” again.

They were away for ages and I found the alone time very relaxing. The treasure they returned with was a bit crap but they seemed to be over the moon with the bucket fulls of seaweed, jellyfish and rocks. I tried to look impressed.

Baby awoke shortly after and we had a snacky lunch before heading to a play park in Summerside. The girls and the babies went for a sleep/walk and the boys hung out. The kids seemed to have a great time but I think the dad’s found it a bit tedious. However, having beers in a kiddie play park would probably have been frowned upon.

We didn’t stay too long and my brother in law picked up a Chinese Takeaway on the way home (I think we’d had enough lobster for a few life times). Baby chowed down on the rest of the lobster and I think she’s going to have expensive tastes when she’s older and the Chinese was devoured.

We started the mass clean up on the house and the monumental suitcase packing and got the kids off to bed. Early starts all round tomorrow. This inlaws are heading back to BC and we are off to Wolfville for wine tasting and whale watching. It’s going to be a great way to round off and fantastic trip.