Another beach day today. We were up and out early and headed to Cabot Beach (via a supermarket so I could buy superglue to fix my busted finger).

We parked up and made our way down the short walk to the red sand beach. It was empty when we got there and even though we stayed till 1pm, it didn’t get busy at all.

The kids had a great time collecting shells, seaweed and dead crabs. The water was so shallow that you could walk for miles without it coming above your knees. And it was warm. Really warm. I think that probably had something to do with the fact that the air temperature was 31C.

We left the beach and headed into Kensington and went to the Kensington Station Pub. I had another bowl of excellent chowder and also a shellfish BLT which was incredible. I also got a bit of my wife’s fish taco which was delicious.

Next, we took the kids to the Haunted Mansion so that the could get some time on the fairground rides on the grounds of the mansion. I stopped en route to pick up an Anne of Green Gables gift for my sister’s birthday and the gang went off ahead. When I arrived at the mansion I paid the steep entry fee and headed through the house. I was on my own and little did I know that the family had missed out the mansion and had gone straight to the rides.

It was actually quite frightening in places and I’m glad the kids had not gone through the house or there would have been tears and nightmares. Finally, I got to the end and found the family riding fairground waltzers and airplanes. We had a go on the shooting gallery which was actually really fun but soon after the adults were done in from the heat and we left.

Another trip to the lobster shop followed by a beer stop and we were on the way back home. With aplomb we got the kids fed, bathed and into bed. Then we had a lovely adult evening. This involved a wonderful lobster dinner, prosecco, dancing and a movie. We had a brief interruption from a raccoon family outside on the porch which was very cool.

It wasn’t long before everyone was truly knackered and so we all headed to bed. Another marvellous day in PEI.