This was another great today. We we up early and in the cars by 9am. About 45 mins later were we at Cavendish Provincial Park Beach. There was almost nobody there when we arrived but within an couple of hours the place was full.

We build a shade for the kids out of sticks and blankets and then spent the rest of the day swimming, catching jellyfish and diving under the waves. I even had some time for whittling. I found a nice straight branch and started making my nephew a wand.

Unfortunately, I had a little accident and managed to almost remove my entire right index finger. Blood gushed all over the sand and after I gave up on kitchen roll as a good bandage, I ended up at the cafe where they happened to have a first aid kit. The girl who served me was a 3rd year nursing student and I’m sure she could have done a better job than I did. Essentially, all I wanted was superglue and instead tried almost everything in their kit as well as bleeding all over their counter.

Eventually, an overly tight bandage saved the day and I managed to get myself patched up once home. I should point out that any typos are a result of an invalid right index finger.

Once we left the beach, we stopped at another Cows Ice Cream place at Cavendish Boardwalk and I had an incredible milkshake with “Peanut Budder Cup Cup” ice cream. Totally fantastic. I had to eat the dregs with a spoon to get all the peanut butter cups.

We headed home for a spaghetti and meatballs followed by s’mores on the fire pit. Kids went down well and the adults watched a movie and had some wine and beers and got a relatively early night.

Tomorrow, Cabot Beach, some kiddie fairground rides then lobster and prosecco. It’s gonna be great.