Today was a bit of a weird one. I woke up at 5am on the couch having fallen asleep during the movie. The girls had got back after midnight and had a bit of a horrendous journey through the storm. Apparently the Anne of Green Gables Musical was a hit but the Water Prince seafood restaurant they had dinner at was a bust (I tried not to gloat about the lobster we’d had). General consensus had been not to wake me. So, with an aching back I crept into the room I was sharing with my son.

10 minutes later I heard, “Dad. Is it morning time?”

This went on for the next 90 minutes until I finally said, “YES!!!” He leapt out of bed with the energy of youth and was flat out for the rest of the day. Not jealous at all.

After baby had a nap, we headed into Charlottetown. It does seem like quite a cool place but the weather sucked and it was intermittently rainy and muggy as all hell. Also the drive from where we were staying was well over and hour so by the time we got there we had a couple of irate kids in the car. The same was true on the way back. However, we played the animal game (name an animal beginning with the last letter of the animal the previous animal). This also has been trialed with countries, plants, food and drinks to varying degrees of success. Things broke down with “The Lesser Known Feathered Booby Nugget,” which I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist.

We went to the Gahan Brewery Pub for lunch on Sydney St and I had the most amazing seafood chowder I’ve eaten since I used to live in Boston. My brother in law had a giant Montreal smoked meat sandwich which looked incredible (and, by all accounts tasted awesome too).

Soon after we went to Cows Ice Cream Shop and gorged on crazy flavoured frozen milkiness. I went for salted toffee something or other. Everyone else had things like Wowie Cowie and Gooey Mooey but I didn’t know what those were so I just stuck to something that actually described the flavour. The made-to-order waffle cones were unbelievable and the kids loved watching them being made.

A few minutes after leaving the shop I was back in there checking out the merch. I left with two t-shirts and a fridge magnet and my wallet was $40 bucks lighter. That said, my and the boy have cool star was parody t-shirts which are awesome.

After spending an inordinately long period of time at a play park, we headed back home. By 7pm the kids were in bed and we had ribs on the BBQ. An amazing meal, a beautiful sunset, some delicious wine and an early night.

Tomorrow Cavendish Beach all day.

PS – my sister in law is the mosquito assassin which is great as I’m going to need a blood transfusion when I get home due to the amount of blood meals I’ve provided to the indigenous fauna.