Early morning again with the boy but that didn’t matter. The family were all here and we had breakfast together. The boys played football and the girls did yoga. The men had a beer.

Soon we were on the road. Eleven minutes later we were at Belmont Provincial Park. It was great. The sand was the promised PEI red sand and we swam and splashed and avoided jellyfish. We had a picnic lunch (and a couple more beers for the non drivers) and the “girl car” headed off early as the ladies were going out to see a show so needed to glad rag themselves (or whatever ladies do before going out).

The “boys car” was brilliant. We took a trip into Summerside and went to a seafood shop. The guy serving was great and let us take the boys back stage to see all the lobsters and various shellfish. They were in seventh heaven. I don’t think they ever wanted to leave.

After buying a couple of “lobsters for the men” we headed back home. Of course we stopped at Scooters Dairy Bar and all had proper North American milkshakes. They were delicious. Unfortunately it meant that we were a little late in getting home but it was worth it.

My BIL and I fed the kids, got them bathed, dressed and into bed. About 20 minutes later the biggest storm ever trashed the house. Rivers of rain water flooded in all the open windows and I had to mop up everything on the ground floor. I went to check on my boy but he was completely sound asleep. So I did the only thing that was reasonable under the circumstances – I drank beer and ate lobster.

Best day ever!!!