Ok. So this sounds like setting fire to things but it’s not. Today the sun was shining like nobody’s business. (In case you are wondering, we are back in Scotland and the Canada posts will come out sequentially over the next couple of weeks).

Anyway, I’ve seen people burn stuff into wood before. Usually this requires some fancy bit of kit that I think heats a metal tip that you can then write with. However, as the sun was out, I thought I’d use an old fashion magnifying glass. Writing things on the wood first with black marker pen first helped for two reasons.

1. You could see where you needed to burn.

2. The black ink absorbed the heat faster and so was more likely to burn than the non-marked wood.

Mainly I was doing this to get my son out of a huff as we wouldn’t let him watch TV all afternoon. The final straw was “I wish I wasn’t your son!” Pretty harsh from a 5 year old. However, I do remember telling my dad that “if I was his dad I wouldn’t buy him anything. Not even toothpaste!” This came about due to him not buying me something in a supermarket.

What goes around comes around I guess?