So we got up early again (seems to be a running theme). That said, it meant that we were out the door and saying goodbye to Ocean Song cottage before the unrealistic check out time of 10am.

We headed north (I think) to the town of Joggins. I say town but it’s more of a collection of buildings at the side of a main road. The reason for going there was to see the Joggins Fossil Centre. In comparison to the Fundy disappointment, this place was great. Our awesomely named guide, Thaddeus, was originally from Bath in England but had lived in Nova Scotia for 8 years and was studying Neuroscience. His plan was to become a doctor eventually. I resisted the urge to download my pessimism on him.

The centre had lots of cool fossils and displays and my son really seemed to enjoy himself (mainly as he’d had a good night’s sleep for the first time since arriving). We took a walk out onto the beach and Thaddeus told us all about the landscape and the reason for there being such a rich abundance of fossils. Seriously, there were trees fossilised in the rock side. It was remarkable.

Not long after that we had a stop at Tim Horton’s (again, my wife’s idea). This was followed by a crazy “grocery” shop in Amherst Supermarket. After cleaning us out of $300 we hit the road again.

It wasn’t long before we arrived in Summerside. However, the place we were staying turned out not to be in Summerside (as advertised). Nor was it in Miscouche (the next town over). Finally we found it a couple of miles down a random highway.

OMG this place was odd. It essentially was built on a slope (or at least the subsidence made it feel that way). The place was filthy and although the sheets and towels had been replaced, it didn’t look like the floors and bathrooms had seen a mop in a few years. You gotta love other people’s pubes on the toilet seat!

My wife freaked and we couldn’t get a hold of the owner. So I dealt with the kids and she got to cleaning in advance of her sister (and family) arriving. Finally the owner showed up extremely embarrassed. She blamed the mess on pouring the dirty mop water down the sinks although I’ve no idea what she’d been moping. Perhaps the driveway.

However, we were determined to have a great holiday and once aunts, uncle and cousins turned up the whole atmosphere got better. I had fajitas ready to go and we all had dinner together. Shortly after, the kids were in bed and we headed out to the fire pit. I torched every bit of wood I could find and that seemed to keep the mosquitoes away (although I still woke with about 15 bites the next morning).

Soon we headed inside and tried to watch a movie but the IPA and wine got the better of me and we all headed to bed. All in all a really great day and a fantastic catch up with rellies we don’t see often enough.