Today we got up early, and by early I mean 3am. Seems that the kids had not adjusted to the time difference in the way we had hoped. So in the dark at about 3:45am I was having a colouring in competition with my son. I should also mention that I was sharing a double bed with him and he talked in his sleep all night and also punched me in the face.

After about 4 cups of extremely strong Folgers filter coffee, I finally gave up and gave him the iPad. He was delighted and I was knackered but completely wired. My wife was up by 5am and by 6am we were all fed, showered and dressed. The wee one went for her nap at 8am (crazy, right?) and so I went outside with a handful of cheerios and the camera.

I thought the garden would have been a menagerie of wild beasts and was hoping for a fight between a grizzly and a moose (and also perhaps a polar bear which had wondered a bit too far south). I guess hoping for an Orca to leap out the water (100 meters away) and grab the grizzly by the hind quarters was also too much to hope for.

The cheerios got eaten by ants within about ten minutes but at least a rogue chipmunk showed up for some snaps. I think it had been watching me from the bushes for several minutes and just felt sorry for me.

By 10am we were on the road and at 10:05am we were at the The Fundy Geological Museum. While a lot of the guide books (and the locals) had mentioned it as a “must see”, it sorely failed to deliver. We were hoping for something that would occupy the kids for at least an hour but within 5 minutes the boy started shouting “this is boring!”

This is quite out of character and I can only blame this on jet lag and the entire bag of fruit pastilles he ate on the plane yesterday. I think it’s also a bit unfair to judge him when he’s used to the National Museum of Scotland as his “local” museum.

Thankfully you could paint a clay dinosaur for an extra $5 and that killed about 10 minutes and allowed for baby to have some boobie num-nums. So, $25 total including entry which amounted to about a dollar a minute. Great 😦

Next we went to Tim Horton’s. Don’t ask. It’s like a Canadian ritual for my wife. I had a bagel. It tasted… bagely!

Then we did a tour of Parrsboro. Six minutes later we were done. A nagging child crushed our resolved until we agreed to let him go on a mini steam train. $2 to ride about 100 metres of track and back. Totally pointless but at least he seemed to have a good time. However, they get you with the cheap ride and then the kids are desperate for one of the wooden train whistles which cost $10. And the costs continue to mount!

Next stop was The Harbour View Restaurant which was packed.

We’d been told (from the girl at Avis) that this was the best fish and chip shop in the area. My wife agreed. The fish was truly incredible. I had the sea food chowder and that too was brilliant. My son had his first “Grilled Cheese” which wasn’t quite the cheese toastie he’d hoped for. Since he didn’t eat it, he didn’t get the 1960’s old skool milkshakes they were selling. That led to tears and general pandemonium as my wife led him out the restaurant while I just threw down money at the bill like the scene in Jerry McGuire when Cuba Gooding Junior’s wife goes into labour in a restaurant (yes, I know he threw down a credit card).

A few seconds on the “beach” throwing stones and generally getting soaked and he was right as rain. The giant deck chairs were excellent and a nice place to soak up the sea air.

On the way back to the cottage, we finally found the liquor store as they don’t seem to sell booze in the supermarkets here. I got four IPAs I’ve not had before and will make a separate entry on how they tasted. Suffice it to say, I’m two cans in as I write this and I feel the weight of the last 48 hours weighing heavily on my eyelids.

I think the rest of the afternoon will involve damage limitation and early bed times for everyone. Tomorrow, we are off to Joggins where there is another dinosaur centre. Hopefully a certain 5 year old will be better rested and more interested in the exhibition. Then we are off to Prince Edward Island to meet up with my sister in law and her family for a week. I’m sure it will make for some interesting entries in the next few days.

Watch this space (which is currently a bit empty).