So, there are LOTS of wood chips lying about the garage floor and I was getting a bit fed up of sweeping them up and burning them. Who knew, even I would get bored of constant fire pits! In a flash of pyromaniac inspiration, I decided to put them to use.

Instead of having to put paper, lint (from the tumble drier and burns amazingly well) firelighters, kindling and logs in the fire pit to get the fire going, I wondered if I could make a sort of self-contained fire starter (a twisted fire starter) that would contain enough of the above elements so that it would require minimal effort to get things going. I suppose I could just douse some logs in petrol but that might cause a few safety issues (and a possible divorce).

Essentially, these are just everything wrapped up in a bit of newspaper. I’m yet to try them out but it killed an hour and the garage floor is a lot cleaner.

Time – About 5 mins to make one

Equipment – as above

Cost – Apart from the firelighters, essentially nil

Difficulty – low

Partner annoyance factor – actually the opposite as I think she’s happy that I’ve tidied up some of my mess.

Family – not really involved but my son is desperate to light one in the fire pit and see how it works

Rewards – erm, a clean garage and more excuse to have a fire pit.