The European Stone Stacking competition was being held near us so we went along to see what this was all about. I have to say, it sounds like a bit of a geeky past time but after seeing what these guys were able to do with rocks, I was completely converted. Some of the stacks looked impossible. If you have a look at some of the of the photos I took you’ll see what I mean. The balancing acts that these chaps were able to pull off were beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. We loved it. My son even had a shot but apparently he was more interested in building a base for Lego people than a stone stack.

Time – as long as you want

Equipment – stones!

Cost – zero

Difficulty – depends on your ambition. However the answer is “easy” to “super hard”

Partner annoyance factor – none that I am aware of

Family – anyone can do this. As long as they can lift a stone, they can stack a pile of them.

Rewards – it seems to be a great pastime. Cheap and doable anywhere. I’ll be trying it out in the future.