What is sculling? Apparently I was doing position 2 when I should have been doing position 1. Yeah, made no sense to me either.

However, I had wanted to get back into triathlon training and instead of just doing lap after lap in the local pool I tried a different option. As Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.” So, with that in mind, I joined the local Tri Club. They run a coached session in the pool once a week and with a high level of anxiety I popped along to see what was involved.

This was both excellent and horrendous. I have become truly unfit in the last 6 months, so doing 1.3km through a variety of drills that were completely unfamiliar to me was an proper ordeal. Having said that, the coaches were excellent and everyone was really friendly. I think this should make a massive difference to my swim times…

…provided I keep going along!

Time – 1 hour per week

Equipment – Goggles, swimsuit/trunks (no baggy flappy board shorts). I swam in my Tri-suit mainly for modesty reasons!

Cost – £ (this club is £15 to join per year and £3 per session)

Difficulty – moderate / hard (depending on how hard you work although some of the drills were truly awful eg “windmill arms”.)

Partner annoyance factor – zero I think (although I’m sure I’ll need to return the favour somehow)

Family – There were some teenagers there so I think once your kids are a certain age and keen to learn to swim / do triathlon then joining a club (swim or Tri) would definitely be beneficial.

Rewards – Health and fitness. New friends / social opportunities. Better swim-fitness / race times (I hope).

(I don’t look like this unfortunately!)