Today the sun was shining for the first time in what felt like 100 years. Normally this would result in a BBQ, beer and outside procrastination. However, today I decided to do something different.

Inspired by this video Drawing Flowers, I thought I’d give something new a try. I’m no artist and I realise my results are nowhere near as good as Bobby Duke’s. However, it was really nice to see this take shape on the page and I was quite surprised with the results.

I still had a beer.

Time – About 90 minutes

Equipment – paper, coloured pencils, black marker pen

Cost – £ (although I had a look at the Prismacolor pencils that he uses and they cost a fortune)

Difficulty – low

Partner annoyance factor – Zero (although the shopping delivery arrived while I was outside doing this and that pissed of my wife a bit)

Family – My son spend about an hour drawing with me which was fun. His results are probably better than mine.

Rewards – a very calming thing to do but I prefer this to those mindfulness colouring books.