Ok, I don’t know what’s with the hat and the safety glasses but the wee man was keen to be outside in this get-up so who was I to argue. Anyway, he wanted his own little bit of garden so we assembled this trough on the top of his shed. It’s not a great bit of joinery but it does the trick. We went for poppies so hopefully this will bloom in the summer and we’ll have a nice poppy meadow on his roof.

He really seemed totally into it and filled the whole thing with compost himself and then planted all the seeds. Gardening is a great way to spend time outside. However sometimes you have to be a bit creative to get the little people interested in this. I would suggest you try something like this as it costs nothing, uses up a fair amount of time, gets little people away from screen and generally feels like a wholesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Time – as much as you want (although living in Scotland this should say “until it starts raining”).

Equipment – Wood offcuts, screws, screwdriver (although a drill makes things much easier), compost, seeds.

Cost – £-££. This is a super cheap way to spend time with the family and would hopefully would extend into other gardening antics.

Difficulty- Low

Partner annoyance factor – Nil (and we’re going to be doing a “family” planting session soon so everyone is on board with this on).

Family – see above

Rewards – high but a long time to wait to see the results. Hopefully it’ll teach him patience but that’s a big ask from a 5 year old mischief-maker.