Ok, I get that this isn’t that big a deal but it’s something I’ve been meaning to try for ages. I’ve had some amazing ribs at a variety of restaurants and I always wondered if I could replicate the taste at home. So this involved basically three steps. Rubbing the ribs, barbecuing them for several hours and finally finishing them up with a glaze. All in all not too difficult, and besides, getting the BBQ out is always a good exclude to have a beer! I think that the secret is the rub. If you make a decent amount of this then you’ll be able to really coat the ribs and leaving them overnight to marinade is also worth doing.

I looked at lots of recipes and went with a conglomeration of several for the rub. Essentially these are all 1 part ie 1 teaspoon with the exception of the salt which was 2 teaspoons. So here goes:

Cayenne pepper, paprika, salt, black pepper, cumin, onion granules, garlic powder, sumas, chilli powder and brown sugar.

Mix them all together and then sprinkle copiously on the ribs (which have had some olive oil rubbed on them first to help the granules stick on). Once marinated put on the BBQ at about 200C using the “indirect method” with some water to keep everything moist and leave for a few hours. Check on them later in the day and add the glaze (I just used a shop-bought one as I couldn’t be bothered to make it). Cook for another 30 mins or so and that’s you done. Easy.


Time – Several hours to do the cooking but otherwise almost no time at all.

Equipment – BBQ, spices as listed, glaze.

Cost – ££ (Ribs are pretty cheap in comparison to other cuts of meat).

Difficulty – Easy

Partner annoyance factor – Next to none. However, my wife is a vegetarian which meant she completely ignored what I was doing.

Family – My son helped me make the rub and also get the BBQ up and running. Unfortunately, once the ribs were done he decided he didn’t want any.

Rewards – Delicious ribs of course but I suspect doing this on a regular basis would not be particularly good for the waist line.