This weekend we took procrastination to a new Mary Poppins level. In fact, all we needed was a carpet bag and parasol and we could have been extras in the movie. We were meeting friends at a local beach and they told us they were taking a kite. I have a stunt kite but every time I take it out the strings snap and I end up almost losing it. So with the boy in tow, we raided the garage and the “everything drawer” and within a few minutes we had a semblance of a kite. Unbelievably it worked really well and we had a few spectators. An Australian couple even came up to share their glee at the sight and started taking photos. We managed a good 30 minutes of flight time before we crashed it into a rock pool and shortly after the paper tail disintegrated and that was the end of that. Having said that it will be easy to repair and all in all a brilliant bit of fun for next to nothing.

Time – only a few minutes to make the kite although I guess we could have painted the tail and the kite itself. Then I suppose you can fly it for as long as you like.

Equipment – Bin liner, 2 sticks, string, paper, sellotape and something to wind the string round. WIND!

Cost – practically free

Difficulty – easy

Partner annoyance factor – nil

Family – a great one for the kids, both making the kite and then flying it

Rewards – This has really high rewards. I think my son really got a thrill out of seeing his creation take to the sky and I think he quite enjoyed the attention he got. I suspect that this wouldn’t have happened if it had been a shop-bought one. Also it got him outside taking part in some old-skool playtime. To be encouraged!