My mum loves a chiminea. She’s had one for years. I never really quite got why she loved them so much. However, when I move out of a flat and into a house with a garden it was one of my first purchases. Since then I’ve been completely hooked and spend ages looking for good wood bargains and fire pit paraphernalia. Also a lot of the whittling off cuts end up as kindling. Waste not want not and all that!

Time – as long as you want but bear in mind the longer you’re out at the fire pit the more wood you’ll burn and potentially the more alcohol you might consume!

Equipment – Fire pit, kindling, firefighters, lighter or firestick, lint (from your tumble drier works great for starting a fire), wood (or other fuel log substitute which can be much hotter), poker, seats, sticks for marshmallows, marshmallows of course. Essentially you could spend hours on any online retailer looking up “fire accessories”. It’s all a bit addictive.

Cost – ££ – £££. I went through a few incarnations of the fire pit via chimneas and braziers. Finally I got one from a local shop which is awesome for £59. It’s big and round and has enough space for lots of logs. There’s moons and stars all the way round which make nice shapes on the ground. Exactly what I was looking for.

Difficulty – low (unless you try to light it with a fire stick in high winds which sucks).

Partner annoyance factor – Depends. If your partner is keen on sitting out and having chat by a fire then the answer is low. However, if they don’t like any of the above (especially when you insist on going out in the winter when it’s raining and using a summer parasol to stop you getting soaked) then the answer is high!

Family – They love it. Marshmallows perfectly toasted. Drinks by a fire. Cheese toasties. Warmth. And most importantly FIRE!!!!!!!! It’s like having an extra room in your house but outside.

Rewards – High. For a relatively low amount you can have a great time. We use ours at least once a week. Also we have it going every time we have guests staying and it really does provide high enjoyment factor. Also if you do one in “solo mode” then it’s a great bit of escapism. It’s amazing what a marshmallow can do!