So, as part of my search for resilience and wellbeing, I decided that I should try and see if there was any benefit in a multivitamin. I probably spent a small fortune over the last year but I did manage to take one every day. I opted for an evervescent which I took to work in a 750ml bottle (which had the added bonus of helping me to drink more water). I have to confess that I usually added some diluting juice as I really got fed up with the taste of these.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting. From the hype I guess I thought I’d have luscious hair (despite my number 1 hair cut), nails my female friends would be jealous of and boundless energy. In all honesty, I don’t think they made any difference. I had a look at the foods that each of these are found in and it turns out I have most of them in my weekly diet already. So the bottom line is that my pee was fluorescent yellow, stank a lot and was very expensive. I think it’s a bit like that saying about alcohol, “you don’t buy booze, you just rent it!” Perhaps it’s the same for multivitamins.

Either way, after a year of taking them, I’m now too worried about what might happen if I stop them that I’ll probably continue to take them. Seems that’s how this industry works. It entices you into what miracles they might provide you with and petrify you with what might happen if you stop taking them.

So I’m stuck taking them for now but I’m pretty sure I’ll be going for the generic, supermarket, goodness-knows-what’s-actually-in-them cheapo versions.

Time – less than a minute a day

Equipment – multivitamins and a decent waterbottle ie one that doesn’t leak.

Cost – ££ – £££ (although usually there are 3 for the price of 2 offers. Failing that, they are cheaper online)

Difficulty – easy

Partner annoyance factor – I don’t think she noticed.

Family – Both my kids have taken multivitamins since they were born as recommended by current guidance. Get them while they’re young I suppose.

Rewards – SFA I think but now I’m hooked. It’s like a drug dealer hiding in plain sight.