Ok. So this is something you’ll have tried before but here’s what I found out when I had a decent shot of it…

Many years ago, I lived in Boston. I’d never seen people get so excited for a particular holiday with the exception of New Year in Scotland. The extent of the decorations were quite impressive but what really struck me was the phenomenal pumpkin carving. These were everywhere. The skill in some of them was really quite wonderful. It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that this memory resurfaced. It’s become a bit of an annual tradition in our house now and each year the creations become more and more detailed and grand.

Time – 10 to 60 mins (unless you plan to do an epic Predator carving)

Equipment – Knife and a spoon. Actually, I bought a carving kit from a local supermarket which cost £1. It seems that even a cheap bit of kit works well here.

Cost – £ to ££. Pumpkins are cheap in October. Carving kits cost almost nothing.

Difficulty – Easy.

Partner annoyance factor – Low. I’ve made a fair bit of mess in the past but as long as you put down a couple of sheets of newspaper then you’re golden.

Family – Total involvement. My son loves this. It’s a great bonding experience and it’s been nice to see his creative improvement over the last couple of years. I’ve still yet to convince my wife this one is good fun!

Rewards – High. Generally this is really good fun past time. I’d totally recommend you do this over the Halloween period and get everyone involved. We love it.