At Christmas my son got a drone in his stocking. It was the cheapest one that Santa could find and he thought that it would provide a lot of indoor fun. However, on it’s maiden voyage my son flew it into the side of his head and almost took his ear off. After that he was petrified of it and it became mine. Lucky me!

If ever there was a techy past time that provided a huge amount of mindfulness it is this. You would really think that it shouldn’t be so complicated. However, the main issue with a drone is that it’s hard to get to grips with which is the front and which is the back. That means steering it is a bit of a lottery job and left, right, forwards and backwards are often the wrong way round. So the focus required to maintain the flight path you want takes a lot of brain power. Therefore the daily life pressures just melt away in a cerebral mish mash of pitch, yaw and altitude.

I suspect that this mainly comes about due to the fact that the one I have only cost about £15 and is the least autonomous device ever built. So if you want the mindfulness aspect then go for the cheapo one and not an all-singing-all-dancing-does-everything-by-itself one as you might as well just have someone else fly it.

Time – As much as you want really

Equipment – Erm, a drone!

Cost – ££ – ££££

Difficulty – hard initially but gets easier with time.

Partner annoyance factor – Hard question to answer. If you fly it outside when you’re out on your own then zero. However, if you try to land it on your partner’s head while they are breast feeding then that might cause some disgruntlement (take it from someone who’s tried this).

Family – Fine for older kids but be prepared for “it’s my turn” arguments.

Rewards – Actually this is very good fun and as I said in the blurb, it does take a lot of concentration. My rubbishy one has the advantage of being safe to use indoors and so I can muck about in the kitchen with it for a few minutes without any issue. However, you could get right into these and spend hundreds of pounds and start doing aerial photography etc which really would be next level stuff. You should also be aware that there are lots of restrictions regarding flying these professional ones and I would advise that you complete a drone flying course before going solo.5A96D45C-3902-4D58-A82E-0C57418DA433.jpeg