I think that we spend a lot of time looking for reasons why work is screwing up the rest of our life. We seem to be hard wired to think that most of our problems in life are due to the stresses at work. It seems likely that most of us have had this model in our heads…


We spend so much our our time thinking that we’re being hammered with the amount of work our average day entails that we spend a lot of our time outside work in abject mystery. However, I think that we need to start seeing life like this…


What I think we are forgetting is that a week is 168 hours long and we spend 35-50 hours of that at work. That leaves more than 118 hours per week where we are free to enjoy life. That doesn’t include bank holidays and annual leave! So what are we all complaining about? Work, on a day to day basis, doesn’t really change. However the life that we live outside of that is chaotic and random.

We need to think about cutting out some of the dross that fills the 118 free hours per week and fill that time with things that make us happy and fill up our resilience tanks. TV is a major culprit (and I know as I’m a bit of a box set junkie) and so removing things like this will give us loads more time to persue other avenues.

I guess that one of the main reasons for writing this blog is to show the things that I’ve tried to do in those spare hours to keep myself sane and fully resilient in the work place. I should point out that my wife works full time and I have two kids so those spare hours are precious but still you need to find ways to get some “me time”. I hope some of my antics resonate with you and you try a few of them out.