As the NHS crumbles and the morale of it’s staff is at an all time low, it’s time to look at novel ways to stay sane in this crazy working environment. As we tread water on a daily basis, slowly drowning in a sea of political interference and public entitlement, perhaps it’s time to look at things we can do to start floating again.

I’m a GP. This is NOT a blog about that. It’s not a blog about Medicine. It’s not about underfilled rotas, work pressures, brain-drain, government policies and all the other things that are going wrong with the Health Service in the UK. It’s about the complete opposite. In fact it’s about anything at all other than Medicine!

In essence, I’ve been on a mission to try a variety of techniques, therapies, hobbies and past times that help me forget the working week. If it helps me to switch off and get my head straight before heading back to the coal face then I’m up for it.

So the purpose of this blog is to have a record of all the things I’ve tried and what I’ve learned during each process and if they have had the desired effect of building resilience and bringing fun and enjoyment back into my down time.

So here goes…

“The NHS is held together by the glue that is the good will of its workers” – Dr Zain Kapasi. March 2017.